His Greater Glory Renovation Project 

 "The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of host."  
--Haggai 2:9

Dear Ridgecrest Family,

Our Greater Glory Committee began seventeen months ago the process of determining, through God's leadership, the best direction we needed to pursue the refurbishment of our Worship Center. Our Worship Center has served us well for 20 plus years but the time has come where updating and remodeling is necessary as the Journey continues. During this process, it has been truly amazing to see the way various obstacles have disappeared and how the Lord has moved our process along. God has opened many doors and closed others, but after much prayer and seeking His will we now have a clear direction and unity on how to proceed. Our committee is very excited about what God has shown us. We all want an atmosphere where God can be lifted up and His name glorified to the fullest. The love and faithfulness that this body of believers demonstrates is a beautiful witness to our trust in God. And our committee is thrilled to bring to you a recommendation for refurbishment that we believe will continue the great legacy of ministry and worship that God has blessed here at Ridgecrest for more than six decades.

Bob Thompson

Chairman, Greater Glory Committee

Time Lapse Video of the 7 week project.