His Greater Glory from our Pastor

From Pastor Ray

Every healthy Church lives out of at least two things; a God given Vision and a Word of revelation from God—these two things will always be compatible, but not always comfortable.

At Ridgecrest we are fortunate, and thus far favored, because God has continued to provide His Vision and direction to us through the years with clarity and affirmation from His Word. And you have always obeyed Him.

Once more we stand at a very important Kingdom crossroad. And like always our choices determine our future.

The task of renovating our sanctuary began four years ago in prayer as the Lord spoke to my heart to seek Him about these things. It was a year later that He affirm His leading with His Word for our Church from Haggai 2:9; “The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the Lord of hosts.” I can tell you, few times have been as profound and powerful in prayer as was that moment when God spoke these words to me for RBC.

Our sanctuary has served the work of God for over 2 decades now. Its visible wear and tear and need of updating and refurbishing is a testimony to lives that have been changed forever. While we must preserve the blessing of our legacy, we must also look forward to building on that legacy and bridging a path to future generations who will continue to reach the lost, build believers and connect new people with the Kingdom of God—carrying on the mission that Ridgecrest began over 60 years ago.

It’s been a great 60 plus years and that is why I am excited that God has given us His certain Word that the latter glory of this house will be even greater! There is nothing like being connected to the Vision of God. And there is nothing more powerful than being obedient to God!

In fact, God’s people are fortunate indeed when He calls them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The truth is, most of God’s people never have the privilege of being in on such glorious endeavors, and never will. As we say around here, “The Journey Continues”, and so it does. It’s a journey of faith, a journey of trust, a journey of obedience and most of all it’s a journey to change lives and enable us to Glorify God now and for generations to come.

For God’s Glory Alone,

Ray Jones - Senior Pastor