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Question and Answers about Renovation

Q. Why are we Refurbishing?

A. Our sanctuary is over 20 years old. Many of the pews are broken and patched together, the carpet is worn out and with the advancement in technology, the lighting for television, live stream and productions is no longer adequate.

Q. Why the new Seating?

A. The new seating is specifically designed for the worship setting, it is an update consistent with that which is being used by pretty much all the great worship facilities and churches of today. These are not chairs. They are beautifully designed rows, with each ending with “pew” like designs, each seat is quiet, can easily be repaired, replaced and individually cleaned as needed, not to mention easier in and out of per row, and they allow for extra seating space, like pews there are no arms in between seats to limit seat size. And like pews, each row has “back racks” for holding Hymn books, Bibles, envelopes and other printed information.

Q. Are we changing our Worship Style?

A. Though that has been rumored, it is not at all true. Our worship center is being updated, but our worships services will not change in style. Our first worship will remain exactly as it has been... blended. Our second worship will remain contemporary. It’s that simple. The updated sanctuary will enable us to enhance the quality of both services without changing service styles.

Q. Who is Paragon 360?

A. Paragon is an award-winning Church design and refurbishment company. They were enlisted by our committee over a year ago and tasked with creating a refurbishment design that is both classic and forward. They have refurbished a veritable “who’s
who” of Churches just like Ridgecrest across America; Churches like First Baptist Church of Dallas, Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, and literally scores of

other great churches. You can check out the many Church clients on their website at

Q. What was the Goal?

A. From the beginning the Greater Glory Committee sought God and determined under His leadership to produce an atmosphere that was focused on warmth, worship and congregational fellowship.

Q. Who will do the Work?

A. Lewis Construction will act as the general contractor. This is the same company that recently refurbished the area behind our sanctuary and our fellowship Hall, they will do some of the work, along with Paragon 360, and a
number of different individual sub-contractors for things like, painting, seating and flooring.

Q. How Long will the Refurbishment Take?

A. Paragon and the general contractor estimate 4 to 6 weeks. If approved, the project would begin at the end of June (After VBS) and conclude by the last week of July. The goal would be to enter our refurbished sanctuary on the first Sunday of August and be ready for Awesome August that follows.

Q. Where will we Worship while the Refurbishment takes place?

A. For the few weeks of renovation, we will worship in the gym area of the Recreation and Fitness Center.

Q. How much will the Refurbishment Cost?

A. The cost of the project will be $925,000 and we have included $50,000 to cover any contingencies that might arise, making the total budget for the renovation $975,000.

Q. How will the Refurbishment be Funded?

A. Our finance committee recommends that we take $500,000, (over half of the project) from our existing “Building Fund.” That we also take a special offering either prior to, during or at the end of the refurbishment project to raise

additional cash and reduce the remaining balance significantly. Any balance after that would then be financed through a short-term equity line that Ridgecrest already has, but has not used. The goal will be to repay this balance in full within a year. We are not recommending adding any additional debt to our current building note.

Q. How will we Vote?

A. On Sunday March 12th during the AM service, each member will receive one ballot and may only secure a ballot for themselves. The ballot will have two simple options... “Yes” to go forward, “No” to do nothing.

Q. How can I Help?

A. Frankly you can vote yes to go forward in response to the Word of God given to us in Haggai 2:9, “The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the Lord of hosts.” Then, pray, give faithfully and be an enthusiastic part of the mighty work of God at Ridgecrest!