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The Will of God

Scriptures. Romans 12:1-2; Proverbs 3:5-6; 16:9, 33


Application. Encourage them to pray about the major decisions they make in their life. Assure them that as they seek God and obey His Word, God will not let them go astray.


Activities. Make a list of verses from Scripture with them that demonstrate God's will for their lives. For example, we know from Matthew 28:19-20 that God's will for our lives is to make disciples of all nations. We also know from 1 Peter 1:16 that God’s will for our lives is to be pure and holy.


Truth to Teach. God's will for our lives is to make us more and more like Jesus every day. The majority of God's will for us is revealed in Scripture. As we obey God's Word and seek Him, His Spirit will guide us to make decisions according to His will.