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A Strong Church…

11.13.16 | by Ray Jones

    Have you ever wondered how you determine the strength of a Church? Recently I came across the following thoughts from Dr. Charles Stanley entitled, WHAT IS A STRONG CHURCH?

    1. Spirit-filled leaders and staff.
    1. Doctrinally sound messages that meet the needs of the people. They cherish the Bible; they study it and know what they believe.
    1. Uncompromising in their convictions. Will not lay them aside to please people.
    1. Strong emphasis on faith and prayer. God is personal and trustworthy.
    1. Their worship provides an atmosphere in which people experience God's presence and leave renewed in their commitment to Him.  
    1. Faithful and generous in their giving. They understand Biblical stewardship and obediently tithe.
    1. They are strategically organized to reach their God-given goals. Jesus was organized.  When He fed 5,000 he sat them in groups. 
    1. People serve in the strengths of their spiritual gifts. You are the most effective when you use your gifts.
    1. They are united in spirit. No division.  
    1. They have a genuine love for one another.
    1. They pursue a vision for a lost world that would result in the going of some and the giving of others.

    And that all leads me to say thank you Ridgecrest for being a Strong, Healthy, Growing and Visionary family of God. You evidenced it once again this past Sunday with our special “Lord, Find Us Faithful” world mission offering. As of this writing we have accumulated and received over $100,000 for world missions and I anticipate more will come in. And that is on top of what we give through our annual ministry and operating budget. Thanks for hearing the message, believing in the mission and responding with your gifts. It will certainly bless our mission partnerships.

    As we continue our November Mission Emphasis… Beginning on Friday, Nov. 18 and continuing through Monday, Nov. 21, Compassion International will have their “Mission Experience” walk through set up in our parking lot—be sure you take the “experience.” And on Sunday the 20th we’ll have a mini-missions fair with booths in our Welcome center from several of our specific mission partnerships.

    Thanksgiving ministry mission… this year through the generosity of one of our RBC couples, all the thanksgiving meals for Selma Street School families have been underwritten, that is more than 230 meals! Wow! Thank you. But here is what you can do… if you would like to assist someone this holiday season, you can give the equivalent of a thanksgiving meal ($30) and we will use it for the many benevolent needs that we get requests for during the Christmas season for families in need. If you would like to do that, just give an additional $25-$30 and note on your check or envelope --“$30 for Christmas needs.”  And you can get in on the blessing of this season of celebration and ministry. No pressure, just an option for blessing!

    And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray