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ALL In For Local Missions…

11.26.17 | by Ray Jones

    ALL In For Local Missions…

    Today we will emphasize two more of our mission partnerships: FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and Monday Night Ministries. Both of these reflect our commitment to local missions and both are worthy of our financial support. FCA ministers to junior high and high school athletes all over the wiregrass and has been instrumental in a number of student-athletes coming to Christ and in others deepening their walk with God. Mike Phares, a faithful Ridgecrest member, and former area high school coach, heads up this outstanding ministry that is completely dependent upon the support and gifts of area churches and individuals.

    Monday Night Ministries and Sunday School meets each week on our campus as an outreach work to our community. It is not unusual for the work to host over 300 people, who are fed physical food, followed by spiritual food in Sunday School classrooms. Larry Hicks and a host of RBC volunteers, along with St. James Baptist Church, provide leadership, care and the message of the gospel to many who have not heard about the love of Christ. 

    Both of these ministries deserve our prayer, our encouragement, and our financial blessing in order to do their part in Kingdom work. If you have not made a special offering above and beyond your regular tithes, building gifts and offerings, please assist us in making a sacrificial gift in order to keep these works, along with the other 3 partners we’ve emphasized this month, strong and effective as missionary works for God.

    Our goal, like last year, is to receive at least $115,000 and then divide the gifts among the five partnerships. Let me again remind you of the five:

    1. IMB/Lottie Moon… (World Missions)
    2. Northeastern Baptist College (National Missions)
    3. BMDMI… Honduras medical missions (World Missions)
    4. FCA… Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Local Missions)
    5. Monday Night Ministries… RBC campus (Local Missions)

    As you can see, these 5 reflect the Biblical mandate to “go into all the world.”

    The Christmas Season… is now upon us. It is our season to celebrate the Savior. To help you do that, we have available for $1 each, a special advent devotional book to use in daily devotion personally or with your family. The book is titled The Christmas Code by Dr. O.S. Hawkins. All the proceeds from the books go to support a work by our Southern Baptist Convention known as “Mission Dignity.” Mission Dignity helps to provide for the needs of aging pastors and their wives who served in settings where they were not able to provide sufficient incomes to help these pastors upon retirement or upon illness live with the basic necessities of life. These books are available in the Welcome Center beginning today.

    December Sunday PM Services… will begin at 4:00 PM throughout December, each featuring a special Christmas musical celebration. Be sure to note in this folder the weekly events.

    I am looking forward… to all the Christmas parties already on my schedule, Alison and I love them and will make as many as possible, be sure to give the details to my secretary, Melanie.

    Red Sea Rules…ahead. Stay tuned! And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

    Merry Christmas,

    Bro. Ray