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ALL In For Missions Continues…

11.12.17 | by Ray Jones

    ALL In For Missions Continues…

    Today represents the second week in our month-long emphasis on World Missions. Our goal is to give $115,000 above and beyond our tithes and regular offering this month, all of which will be distributed between our 5 Mission Partnerships. Will you join me and the rest the RBC family by giving a sacrificial gift this month and help us help those who are helping advance the Kingdom of God all over the world? One of our partnerships is Northeastern Baptist College in Vermont—a true faith work for training young men and women to take the gospel back into the Northeast. We have a video today to give you a little glimpse of the incredible work they are doing.

    Security… in the wake of last week’s tragic church shooting in Texas, believers around the nation are asking how secure are our places of worship? Many churches are now realizing, that in a culture which is no longer anchored to its original Judeo-Christian moral foundations, it must have plans, strategies and safety measures against evil. I am glad to say that several years ago here at Ridgecrest, recognizing the potential for evil to move toward believers and the Church, we took action and created, with the help of law enforcement and security experts, a security team and a security strategy manual. Each week, on our campus, we have trained law-enforcement personnel, some in plain clothes and some in uniform. Additionally, we have a “Safety Team” that walks our campus to observe and monitor our surroundings during connection groups and worship services.

    This past week I met with the leaders (both of whom have extensive law-enforcement experience) of our security team to discuss any additional steps we should implement. In light of that, let me share a couple of new tweaks to our security that I want you to be aware of and will require your cooperation:

    1. We will no longer allow “back-packs” into our worship center… we have not had many anyway, but if you have carried one here in the past, please leave it in your vehicle.
    2. We will ask that everyone enter our buildings on Sunday & Wednesday through one of the primary front entrances located along Fortner St. at either the Welcome Center, or the front porch entry to the Worship Center, and the far entrance to Mission Hall. Back entrances will remain locked. Please understand that I and the security team know that this may present a slight inconvenience for some of you. But please also understand this is for the good of our entire campus and congregation. Do not consider yourself an exception to these procedures.
    3. We also ask that those who possess entry keys, (who are not Staff or Support Staff) not use those keys to enter and unlock doors that are locked on Sunday or any day of the week. We are looking into rekeying our exterior doors to insure greater campus security.
    4. We began a security practice several years ago requiring any member or guest who come to our church during the week, during office hours, check in, and sign with our office receptionist. This will continue.

    No amount of security can prevent or protect us from every possible scenario. This is a fallen world, full of fallen people who do evil things. But our goal is to make this place as safe for worship as possible while welcoming the lost. So, help us with these matters as I know we all want to worship without worry or distraction. Thanks for your cooperation, and I know that you would agree, a little inconvenience on our part is nothing considering our Savior who inconvenienced Himself and left the throne of God and hung on a cross for us. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray