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09.10.17 | by Ray Jones


    When God is working in His Church, there are many special days in the life of a congregation. Today is another of those special days for us as we formally dedicate and rededicate this place of worship. It was built in 1996 for His Glory and it was refurbished in recent days for His Glory. Over the years, the work of God through Ridgecrest has resulted in thousands of lives being transformed—thousands saved, thousands discipled, and scores called into service and ministry. And we’ve only been at it since 1953. We’re relatively young in Church life, which means there is so much more God can and will do through us.

    That is why being ALL IN for the House of God is so important. Just as God told Israel to build a house for His dwelling among them, this place is a house built for Him that we might likewise enter it, ever aware of His presence in our midst. As we journey forward with “ALL IN” devotion to God and His house, may His work increase. With your help and ongoing commitment to advancing the Kingdom of God through this place, we will lift His name before this community, we will lift His name in this state and we will continue to carry His message of salvation to the very ends of the earth.

    So today is a day of Great Dedication… we dedicate this sanctuary to God, and we dedicate ourselves to God by joining with the entire congregation in the creation of a lasting reminder full of stones representing each of us. It is also a Great day of Demonstration as we bring our sacrifices to God, joyfully demonstrating our trust in Him and giving our gifts to demonstrate that we are “ALL IN” for His house.  And may what was said of God’s people upon the miraculous completion of the wall in Jerusalem, be said of us…“And they offered great sacrifices that day and rejoiced, for God had made them rejoice with great joy; the women and the children also rejoiced. And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.” (Nehemiah 12:43)

    Remember this day! Many believers never have this opportunity. We are blessed, but we are not finished! God has more to do through us, so let’s continue to obey, let’s continue to believe and let’s continue to travel to new places with God, for God, and for His glory. Our previous sanctuary was well worn, well used and in need of repair and renewal… simply put, we had “worn” it out! And my prayer is, as we dedicate this beautiful place of worship, “let’s do it again”. Let’s wear this one out with changed lives, great worship and all for the glory of God!

    Tonight, we will dedicate some more… that is some babies, some little ones. We have a number of children to pray for and set apart with their parents for the purposes God created them. Join us at 6:00 PM.  The little ones are a trust to the church from God, and they represent the generations that must protect, preserve and pass on the truth of God.

    Now, let us celebrate, participate and honor God in worship. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray