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    Flourish and Much More...

    02.07.16 | by Ray Jones

    Plenty going on… be a participant not a spectator! And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

      For To Me To Live Is Christ

      01.31.16 | by Ray Jones

      The fact is, much of our living consumes us, because it is more about protecting our life, preserving our life, promoting our life and prospering our life. There's nothing inherently evil in those things, until or unless those things consume us...

        Let's Prove it Again

        01.24.16 | by Ray Jones

        Well likewise the Bible gives us some formulas if you will, that always work. In fact many here have discovered the blessed value of doing what the counsel of God’s Word prescribes. Next Sunday, we will have the opportunity to apply one of God’s...

          Theoretician or Practitioner?...

          01.17.16 | by Ray Jones

          A theoretician is someone that has knowledge, ideas and theory, but not necessarily a history of practice at their craft. Kind of like the person who stayed at a “Holiday Inn Express”! On the other hand, a practitioner is one who has knowledge...

            Fighting Rubber Soldiers…

            01.10.16 | by Ray Jones

            Prior to the invasion by allied troops onto the beaches of Normandy, Operation Fortitude was set in motion. It was an elaborate hoax that used rubber tanks, canvas ship, plywood decoy aircraft and Rubber soldiers. All were used to distract the...