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Heaven Came Down…

12.11.16 | by Ray Jones

    Heaven Came Down…

    Matt Woodley recently told of the bizarre behavior of Charles Foster. In his everyday life, Charles Foster is a respected veterinarian, a practicing lawyer, and a teacher at Oxford University in England. But as noted in his book Being a Beast, Foster also has an unusual practice. Every so often Foster tries to live like a badger. Yes, like one of those dark-dwelling, tunnel-making, rodent and worm-eating mammals. Usually, he does this alone, though for a few days he went with his eight-year-old son, Tom. On a friend's farm, they made a human-sized badger home, a 15-feet long hole that they would sleep in. Charles says he's probably spent six weeks living underground like this over the years, sleeping during the day, awake at night like real badgers.

    For Foster, the main part of living like a badger involves getting low to the ground, crawling around on his hands and knees. He also blindfolds his eyes (because badgers' eyesight is terrible) and eats earthworms (since 85 percent of a badger's diet consists of worms).

    But as bizarre and as strange as all that sounds, there is something even stranger—God the creator of all things, full of majesty and glory beyond description left His royal throne and came into our world, took upon Himself human flesh and lived with us on in this broken world. But Jesus did not come and live among us as some research project. Rather, in love, He took on a human identity in order to rescue us from our sin and restore us to a right relationship with God. In other words, heaven came down for our sake and for our eternal welfare. And that is Christmas! And it is the theme of my second Christmas message today.

    Read Through the Bible in 2017… It’s been several years since we’ve done so. In just a couple of weeks, we will make available to you at a discounted cost, “One Year Bibles” designed to help you read through God’s Word in the coming year. I hope you’ll commit yourself to this important spiritual discipline and watch how God speaks to you during the months ahead from your daily intake of His Holy Word.

    “The Weight of Your Words”… that is the title of this coming January 2017 Sunday evening book study. This small book to read has a big message! Like the Bibles above we’ll be making it available for a nominal cost beginning in the next couple of weeks. When you pick up your copy, feel free to go ahead and get a head-start on your reading in preparation for our evening studies beginning first of the year. To me, this is one of the most enjoyable studies that we do together as God’s family at RBC.

    Are You Connected… I am talking about in a Sunday morning small group? These Connection Groups are an essential part of spiritual body life. If you have not yet found one, let us help you connect. Stop by the Welcome Center today and let’s explore the opportunities available.

    Children’s Christmas Musical at 4:00 PM… I hope you will come and encourage and support our children who have worked hard and are prepared to sing and tell the message of Christmas in a fun and meaningful way.

    Remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!!!

    Merry CHRISTmas,

    Bro. Ray