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How To Pick A President…

10.16.16 | by Ray Jones

    How To Pick A President…

    In these days leading up to what I believe may be the most important election in modern history, I have often been asked what do we do? Well as always, I will not tell you how to vote, but let me provide you with what I believe are some helpful guidelines to the forthcoming election. Frankly, we’ve never had an election quite like this where the primary candidates seem so personally distasteful to so many. There is enough junk on both sides of this race to disqualify the candidates. But that is not an option we are facing. Hence the dilemma, how do I pick a President. So let me offer the following…

    1. Vote… and vote specifically. At the risk of insulting someone’s intelligence, and with no malice in my heart, I am shocked by those who say that they will not vote at all or they will vote for a third party or they will write-in a candidate. While I join them in their frustration at the primary options before us, and while I respect what I presume is the nobility of their hearts, the fact is, there are only two candidates that can win this election and one of them is going to win! Not voting or choosing one of the other options mentioned above is actually a vote. It is a vote by default and it always works in favor of whoever the winner is!

    I agree with Franklin Graham who recently said, "You're just going to have to ask yourself which of the two [presumptive nominees] do you think we as Christians will at least have a voice with?"… "You have to make that choice…Now, you might have to hold your nose." But you must make that choice.

    1. Remember… In spite of our godly heritage, America is not a Theocracy, I wish it were, but it isn’t and never has been. We are not voting on a Theologian and Chief but a Commander and Chief. This is a Democratic Republic to be exact and those who are elected almost always reflect more of the culture than the Kingdom of God.
    1. Platforms… are the key to making the best choice under the current circumstances. By platform I mean, you must examine where the parties stand on the important issues like abortion, marriage, religious freedom and national defense among others. If you cannot vote for a person as such, then vote for the best platform. If you would like to see an analysis on where the Republicans and Democrats stand on the important issues that concern Christians, you can go to the following link at The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and compare them…
    1. Supreme Court… the next president will likely appoint between 3 and 4 Supreme Court justices. How important is that? Well, it could swing a majority conservative court to a majority liberal court, with an impact lasting for more than 3 decades into the future. If the highest court in the land goes predominately left, you can be sure that the culture will continue its decay and even pick up speed ushering in the full judgment of God upon our nation.
    1. Pray…this is not a last resort, but a first priority! Seek God while He still may be found, humble yourself, beg for His pardon upon our land and commit yourself to listen and to obey. By the way, to help you in this aspect, we have prepared a 2016 Election Prayer Guide. It’s free and can be picked up in the foyer and at the Welcome Center.

    Like Graham and others, I am not telling you who to vote for, but I do believe that this election is the most critical one in our lifetime because so much hangs in the balance.

    Remember, God is always trying to take you someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray