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I Love Sundays…

10.30.16 | by Ray Jones

    Is the title of a small book I recently came across. The author writes, “The key to a great Sunday isn’t the preacher, the service, or the people. The key is you.” He goes on to say, “decide to let Sunday be the best day of your week. Deciding to let Sunday be great means deciding to let God have first place in your life by giving Him the first part of your week. It means deciding to get in the car and go to church the first day of every week. It means letting Sunday be ‘the Lord’s day’ by uncluttering your Sunday schedule. It means letting this one-day be dictated by God and rest and family. And it means adopting a church not just as a place you go to but as an extended family you belong to.” Isn’t that great?

    The author further writes that he did not always go to church or see Sunday as the best day of his week. In fact he says, “During the years I dropped out of church, I did a lot of fun things on Sundays, but none of them prepared me to be a better person on Monday. Few of them introduced me to the quality of people I met in church. And none of them helped me to know God better.” But all that changed when he began to see how vital church was to the spiritual management of his life and he made the decision to make Sunday the best day of his week. And he discovered some interesting benefits that sociologist have discovered. Those who attend church regularly…

    • Live seven and a half years longer than those who do not.
    • Are 56% more likely to have an optimistic outlook on life over those who do not.
    • Are 27% less likely to be depressed.
    • Are 35% less likely to get divorced.
    • Have higher levels of marital satisfaction and relationship commitment.
    • Achieve higher grades and practice better time management.

    And those are just the side effects. The fact is when you are in church; you are getting something that non-churchgoers aren’t. Being with the family of God has benefits that affect just about every area of your life. SO WELCOME TO WORSHIP TODAY AT RIDGECREST! I LOVE SUNDAY and I love seeing you here. It is my prayer that you’ll encounter the presence of the Living God and that your life will be affected for the good and that you’ll leave today saying, Sunday is the best day of my week.

    Lord, find us faithful… by now you have probably received a letter from me reminding you that next Sunday, November 6 we will give a special “Lord, find us faithful” mission offering. I am sure you are praying now about what God wants you to give above and beyond your regular tithes and offering. By the way, don’t forget to give your regular tithes, but everything that is designated for “World Missions” on your giving envelope will go to the work of the mission partnerships we have here and abroad. You can also give online at our website ( or via text. Let’s all join in this great opportunity to bless the work of God all over the world.

    Speaking of Texting… if you are a first time guest here today, feel free to text the word “welcome” to the following number 334-384-8080 and you’ll receive information about Ridgecrest. We are glad you’re here. Also, guests be sure to stop by our welcome center desk for a special gift bag containing information about Ridgecrest, a hot/cold mug and a pack of freshly ground coffee.

    To all the RBC family, remember that God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!!!!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray

    Follow me on Twitter @pastorrayjones