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I Magnify My Office…

08.30.15 | by Ray Jones

    It was Paul in Romans 11:13 who first said “…Inasmuch then as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my office.” Some years ago while pastoring in my mid-thirties I wrote an op-ed column for a newspaper, it was conservative and actually gained a little following from St. Petersburg to as far away as Des Moines, Iowa. It caught the attention of a congressman who later became my friend. One day he came to see me to ask me if I would run for a vacant House of Representatives opening, promising to put all of the parties muscle and resources behind me to get me elected.

    I told him I had never considered it an option, but would pray and seek the Lord’s counsel and get back with him. It didn’t take long before I knew clearly that it was not my calling, and within a few days I phoned to tell him that, though honored that he and the party believed in me and wanted me to run, that my calling as a pastor was a higher calling for my life and I could not step down.

    Recently, I was thinking about those days and my decision then and was reminded of a statement made by Dr. B. H. Carroll, a pastor and founding president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who said…

    "I magnify my office, O my God, as I get nearer home. I can say more truthfully every year, 'I thank God that He put me in this office;' I thank Him that He would not let me have any other; that He shut me up to this glorious work; and when I get home among the blessed on the bank of the everlasting deliverance and look back toward time and all of its clouds and sorrows, and pains, and privations, I expect to stand up and shout for joy that down here in the fog and mists, down here in the dust and struggle, God let me be a preacher. I magnify my office in life; I magnify it in death; I magnify it in heaven; I magnify it, whether poor, or rich, whether sick or well, whether strong or weak, anywhere, everywhere, among all people, in any crowd. Lord God, I am glad that I am a preacher, that I am a preacher of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.” 

    Those words resonate in my heart today. I thank God that He let me be a preacher; I magnify my office and am humbled by His appointment to the ministry over anything else. And I also thank God that He allowed me to be your “preacher” and to pastor of this wonderful family of believers!

    Awesome August… it’s been a great month and still there remains one more Monday evening gathering. Tomorrow night at 6:30 we will conclude our monthly Monday emphasis with our dear friend, Dr. Fred Luter. I trust you will join us for this great evening of worship.

    The Future of America… Is a new study I will begin on Wednesday September 9th at 6:00 PM…We will take a break from our Bible Survey study and examine the question, “Is America found in Bible Prophecy?”

    Welcome Guests… I am so glad you are here. We believe that People Count! So let us know how we can assist you with information, directions or questions that you may have about our Church family. If you are looking for a church home, I trust that today you have found one. Be sure to stop by our Welcome Center located near the Coffee bar and pick a special gift bag just for you.

    To all… remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your pastor!!!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray