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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus…

10.23.16 | by Ray Jones

    Keep Your Eyes On Jesus…

    While you watch Russia. The Bible speaks of a time to come when an enemy of Israel will come down from the North and initiate a war unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It will certainly draw in the Nations of the world on some level and will bring great destruction and international division.  

    Could we be seeing the beginnings of that very event? I am not sure, but it certainly bears watching. Tensions between the US and Russia are the highest they have been since the “Cold War” of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Recent developments between Russia, the Ukraine, Poland and Syria only serve to advance what the Scriptures have forecast through the prophets about these very things (Ezekiel 38-39). In fact, in a series I shared with you on Wednesday evenings in 2015 entitled America, The Future and Bible Prophecy, we talked about this very scenario, which has only become more pronounced. And given the tepid response to Putin by our President, American leadership, The UN and NATO, Putin feels emboldened and has expanded the Russian Military’s reach toward the Middle East. Just last week, Russia moved nuclear-capable missiles near the Polish border. In the past month, Russia has permanently established a military base in Syria while intensifying its bombing of Aleppo in an attempt to defeat Syrian freedom fighters who oppose the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

    Further, just this past week, Putin made clear to President Obama that any warplanes that fly over Syria could be shot down by Russian forces without warning. To further establish their military intentions, on Tuesday Russia deployed its S-300 VM air defense system to its Tartus naval facility in Syria. Is Russia serious? It appears so… between Oct 4-Oct 7, Russia engaged in a national wargame event to prepare its own people for a nuclear war. The event simulated a Russian attack and the anticipated response, presumably from America. The simulated event involved over 200,000 Russian first-responders and more than 40 million Russian civilians. Russia has created thousands of nuclear shelters for its people all over the nation causing a number of analysts to suggest that Russia is not preparing in the event of a war, but rather they are preparing to initiate a war.

    Interestingly, just over a week ago, Putin sent out an order to top Russian officials, politicians and their children across the world demanding that they return to the Motherland. “This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some big war,” Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky told the London Daily Star. Further, retired Russian Lt. Gen. Evgeny Buzhinsky told the BBC Russia that US interests would suffer if the current situation escalates. “If you want a confrontation, you’ll get one. But it won’t be a confrontation that doesn’t harm the interests of the United States. You want a confrontation, you’ll get one everywhere,” Buzhinsky warned.

    While the US has reduced both its nuclear weapons deterrent and its military readiness, Russia has been advancing and modernizing its nuclear capabilities in defiance of the last START agreement. Analysts now say Russia has surpassed the US in both readiness for a nuclear conflict and the number of advanced nuclear weapons. Additionally, they have developed a class of stealth nuclear submarines referred to as “black hole” submarines because of their undetectable ability to slip up on any coastline, including America, and launch a nuclear attack. And that is just part of what’s going on that no one seems to be talking about. Do I tell you these things to scare you? No, but rather to remind you of the precision of the scriptures, which told us thousands of years ago about the things to come. If you want an accurate picture of the future… keep your eyes on Jesus, and let the scripture be your source and your guide!

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    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray