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Planting Trees…

03.05.17 | by Ray Jones

    Planting Trees…

    Alfred North Whitehead said, “A wise man is a man who plants shade trees he will never sit under.” That really defines the great commission that Jesus gave to us. And once again Ridgecrest, we get to plant more trees, many of which we may never sit under, but others will. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? Because you and I are sitting here today under trees that others planted for us, and aren’t we grateful. Unfortunately, many churches have missed the privilege of following God and subsequently expanding His Kingdom and experiencing the resultant blessing and favor. Thank God, our history is one of always doing what is necessary to Reach more, Build more and Connect more.

    That is why I am so excited about today and next week. What you are going to hear and see today represents many hours of prayer, seeking God and following His lead to continue to provide an environment that is warm, inviting and worshipful. It’s planting trees, and we are good at it because we do understand and believe that “God is always trying to take us someplace new!”

    I am so grateful for our “Greater Glory Committee”. They have worked for God for months, with prayer, tears, and miracles along the way. What you are going to see today is not simply some committee assignment fulfilled. No, it represents a response to God’s Word and an excitement about our future.

    God has told us that the “latter glory of this house will be greater than the former” and that is a thrilling thought and an honor to know that God desires to bless our church and our future in ways that we have perhaps never imagined. As Paul said, “… to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us…” (Eph. 3:20).

    Our auditorium has served us well for over 20 years… but it is time to renew, restore and refurbish, to keep vibrant the message of the gospel and the mission of Ridgecrest entrusted to us by God. So, listen, watch and see what God is doing and let the enthusiasm of following God saturate your hearts and minds for the glory of His Kingdom! And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor, bringing you His Word and leading our family forward. Let’s keep on “Planting Trees for God!”

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray