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06.11.17 | by Ray Jones


    Has arrived and it seems like it got here so quickly, doesn’t it? Most everyone agrees that we like its arrival and enjoy its departure into fall. With it, at least in South Alabama, comes heat, humidity and frantic activity… maybe even a mild form of exhaustion by the time it’s all done. And it’s busy around here as well, ministry doesn’t have an “off season.” Because that is true, let me remind you that Ridgecrest still needs you actively and intensely involved in the work that God has given us. So, in the midst of your summer, let me encourage you to do several things:

    1. Relax (if you can) have fun with family and friends and enjoy a little physical rest and down time. But don’t relax with God. Don’t neglect your devotional life or your spiritual disciplines.
    2. Restore… your soul. All batteries eventually wear down, even if they are not used. So exercise your soul through reading, prayer, service, and worship.
    3. Remain… deeply committed to the work of God through Ridgecrest. Many of us will be coming and going through the days of summer, but because our ministry for the Kingdom of God is always pressing, please do your best to stay connected to RBC and our work… (especially since it’s going to be a busy summer around here as we prepare for our renovations.) Here is how you can do that and advance the Kingdom of God…
    • Continue—serving and attending. Would you make worship a priority summer event for yourself and your family? Let’s have the greatest summer crowds in our history.
    • Contribute—financially, faithfulness is essential to the work that God has given us. Summer can be a financial strain on our ministry. Our ministries require as much giving in the summer as they do any other month. Would you make obedient and faithful giving a priority in your life and a model to your family?
    • Commit—yourself to pray for all the various ministries and events of the summer here at RBC. Below are some things to pray for in the days ahead.

    Vacation Bible School… begins tomorrow. Hundreds of children and workers will be on this campus. Your prayers and participation are vital. By the way, there will be no PM service tonight as our VBS team will be preparing the auditorium and the many classrooms for the arriving children in the morning.

    Greater Glory Renovations… are upon us. And that means several things for us. 1. We need everyone’s help on Sunday afternoon June 18th (next week) beginning at 2:00 PM as we will empty the worship center for construction that will begin on Monday the 19th. 2. During the construction period, we will relocate to the Gym for Sunday worship and Wednesday Bible study. Please bear with us during this time of inconvenience… it will be worth it when we reenter the worship center the first week of August.

    Men’s Conference… We have the privilege of hosting what I believe is one of the finest men’s conferences I’ve seen in a long time. On Friday evening August 11th and Saturday till noon of August 12th James Merritt, Johnny Hunt and Bob Reccord will lead this area wide men’s gathering. And the cost is only $20… outstanding!!!

    These are just 3 things among many that need your prayer and support for a great summer of Kingdom work. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your pastor!!!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray