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Thanks Moms!

05.08.16 | by Ray Jones

    Thanks Moms!

    According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel there is a significant spending gap on Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day. In an article entitled, Spending Gap, research reported the following:

    • Number of people who celebrate Mother's Day—84.5%
    • Number celebrating Father's Day—76.1%
    • Overall spending on Mother's Day—$19.9 billion
    • Overall spending on Father's Day—$12.5 billion
    • Average spending per person in the U.S. for Mother's Day—$162.94
    • Average spending on Father's Day—$113.80
    • People who give a card to Mom—81.3%
    • People who give a card to Dad—64.1%

    The obvious winner is mom! But dads did win in one category… 43% of dads will receive an apparel gift compared to 33% of the moms. So, dads enjoy your tie.

    We love our dads every bit as much as our moms, but there is just something uniquely special about our moms. So today, let us say again thank you mom!

    Flourish… this Tuesday from 7-9 PM for the women of our area. It’s free, it’s inspirational, it is full of fellowship and it’s spiritual refreshment for the soul. Ladies, let me encourage you to join hundreds of women for this Spirit filled evening.

    Our RA’s… and you, through our recent Sunday food drive, donated around 2,000 Ibs of food to our Columbia Baptist Association’s ministry center. It will all be used to assist those who are hungry and families in need. Way to go… another “Out of the Pew” and into the street moment for RBC.

    Vacation Bible School… is rapidly approaching and we need your help. We will have 600+ children at our June 13th week of VBS and workers and snacks are priority needs. Will you help? If you are wondering does it really make a difference, listen to these global stats from last year’s VBS:

    2.7 million people were enrolled.

    72,925 decisions to accept Christ were made.

    2,666 people committed their lives to full-time Christian vocations.

    56,386 people joined churches and Sunday Schools as a result of attending a VBS.

    VBS is still the number one evangelistic tool in the world. So again, will you help us get the gospel to the many children through VBS this year? Contact Tim Bristow or Jessica Pedersen at our church offices and join the team.

    Remember, God is always trying to take you someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray