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The Need for a Good “Brainwashing”…

08.14.16 | by Ray Jones

    The Need for a Good “Brainwashing”…

    In his book John for Everyone, Bishop N.T. Wright of the Church of England writes,  A friend of mine described the reaction when he went home, as a young teenager, and announced to his mother that he'd become a Christian. Alarmed, she thought he'd joined some kind of cult. "They've brainwashed you!" she said. He was ready with the right answer. "If you'd seen what was in my brain," he replied, "you'd realize it needed washing!"

    Of course, he hadn't been brainwashed. In fact, again and again—and this was certainly the case with my friend—when people bring their lives, their outer lives and inner lives, into the light of Jesus the Messiah, things begin to come clear. If anything, it's our surrounding culture that brainwashes us, persuading us in a thousand subtle ways that the present world is the only one there is. This is seldom argued. Rather, a mood is created in which it seems so much easier to go with the flow. That's what happens in brainwashing. What the gospel does is to administer a sharp jolt, to shine a bright light, to kick-start the brain, and the moral sensibility, into working properly for the first time.”

    The Bible speaks frequently about the necessity of right thinking. And it’s always connected to a right relationship with God. Today I’ll be sharing with you the second message in our newest series, Careless Christianity. In it I want to address what the scripture teaches us about a mind that is defined by God’s control; a mind that has been washed in the blood and renewed by the truth. Careless Christianity is often the result of a mind that has unintentionally lost its way and been overtaken by the ideology of the world. But the good news is that our minds can be renewed and restored to the influence of God’s Spirit… so listen carefully and ask God to make His Word crystal clear to your heart today.

    A Massive Clean-up and repair…job awaits us as a result of last week’s flooding of our facilities. We’ve been meeting with adjusters and service technicians this week to assess the amount of damage and next steps. Please be patient as we will all experience some inconvenience over the weeks to come.

    The Greater Glory Team…is continuing their work and making progress regarding the refurbishment of our auditorium. Continue to pray for them, they are now hoping to have a recommendation to bring to our family in late September… it’s going to be wonderful and God honoring.

    Awesome August continues… tomorrow night at 6:30. Jarred Hall, a world-class illusionist will be our guest. He is from Dallas and performs his illusions while presenting the message of Christ. This is the kind of program that your workmates, neighbors, friends and family will all enjoy and be amazed.

    For those who have signed up for the Monday evening meal prior to Awesome August, we will repeat last week’s accommodations by providing Chick-fil-a boxed meals in the RFC Meeting room due to the current state of our fellowship hall.

    You’re here and God’s here! That is all that is needed today to make a fresh connection with Him. Don’t miss what He wants to say to you, do in you and do through you. And remember, God is always trying to take you someplace new. I love being your pastor!!!!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray