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The Sacrifice of Joy…

10.11.15 | by Ray Jones

    As we do each year around this time we receive a special offering to help catch up our ministry budget shortfall and make a substantial gift to world missions. This years offering theme is “The Sacrifice of Joy.” It really is an act of worship, obedience and joy when we make sacrifices to the Lord. We do so because we love Him, and because out of His great love for us, He made the supreme sacrifice of His Son in order to redeem and save us forever.

    This year’s offering will be received on Sunday November 8. Let’s join together as we have each year in the past and bring a total offering of more than $200,000 it will help catch up our ministry budget and as always we will give 20% of the offering as part of our Lottie Moon world missions offering to help keep over 4000 missionaries on the field around the globe.

    You have always stepped up to the need of the hour… here we are again. I am asking you to do what Alison and I will do and that is, sincerely seek the Lord’s direction regarding your extra financial gift above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings—that is what makes it sacrificial. Don’t ask, “what can I do?” instead ask, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” I can tell you on the authority of God’s Word, that if you listen, He will speak to you about these matters and if you obey, He will fulfill His promise to bless and provide for you.

    Alison and I have for years contributed to other ministries above and beyond our firstfruit tithes to Ridgecrest and regular sacrificial gifts to our building needs. Recently we gave a gift to a ministry (again above and beyond our tithes/gifts to RBC) in need, without thinking about any kind of blessed return. But within 3 days of our gift, God returned what we gave, plus three-quarters more. We gave out of joy without any expectation, but the blessed return caused me to remember the promises of God in His Word to those who give at His leading. We don’t give to get. But when we give in obedience we do open up “the floodgates of heaven” from which God can pour out a blessing on us. Will you join us again this year in seeking God and on November 8th bring into the work of God called Ridgecrest a sacrificial offering of joy to keep the work strong and bless the gospel around the world. Let’s catch up our ministry and  the glory of God!

    Speaking of giving…  Thanks for the tremendous response to the needs of our partner work in Vermont. You gave last Sunday night through a spontaneous offering request that the Lord put on my heart to help the staff of Northeastern Bible College and Seminary almost $6,000. They had not asked for anything, but we discovered that 3 of the leaders of that work had not taken a salary in 2 months and were struggling. I had requested that we raise $3,000 to send each $1,000 but you, through your generosity essentially doubled that amount. Thank you; when we shared with them what you had done, there were tears that flowed with gratitude for your support. We have sent all that you gave to them with encouragement for the great and difficult work they are doing.

    Flourish… Be in prayer for our upcoming our area wide women’s gathering and Night of Renewal here at Ridgecrest on October 13 at 7:00 PM. I am grateful for the energetic and visionary leadership of Diana Byrd our women’s ministry coordinator and her team of excellent leaders.

    Men… getting ready for a special Saturday morning breakfast coming just for you… it will be a time of fellowship and refreshment. We’ll let you when we have further details.

    Disaster Relief… Our disaster relief team has been called to Columbia, SC this coming Wednesday. Be in prayer for them as they travel and minister in this area hit severely by last week’s hurricane.

    All the Lord’s Blessing… to you all as we gather today to worship our great and mighty King. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!!!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray