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Tips to Becoming a Better Reader Pt. 2…

03.13.16 | by Ray Jones

    Tips to Becoming a Better Reader Pt. 2…


    This week I offer a second tip on becoming a better reader. As I said last week and will in the weeks to come, reading is a habit to cultivate, not a task to endure. With it comes a world of learning, growing and discovery. But remember, the tips I offer are only as good as your willingness to practice them. So without further adieu…


    TIP# 2: Learn your reading Pace… Too much emphasis is placed on how fast a person reads. I learned a long time ago that I have a reading pace—slower than some people and faster than others. But staying within that comfortable pace is essential to benefitting and enjoying whatever it is that I am reading. Likewise, discover your own pace and don’t worry about how it stacks up against the pace of someone else. For years I’ve heard people say, “I don’t read very fast” as if apologizing for their pace. When I first began reading as a teenager, frankly I was very slow and didn’t comprehend very well. Today I read relatively fast, but that is the result of years of reading and becoming more proficient with time. It’s similar to exercising a muscle… the more you exercise, the stronger it becomes; the more you read the more proficient you become. But pace is also determined by the content you are reading. You should always keep in mind that some material has to be digested slowly and thoughtfully, while some material is light and quickly devoured. The key is to avoid making your reading pace a reading race. Instead let it be a comfortable journey so that you can enjoy every facet along the way. 

    More tips next week…


    The Ministry of Hospitality…  One of the greatest ministries of the church, yet often overlooked is the ministry of helping guests feel informed and welcomed to our congregation. Experts tell us that most guests make their minds up about a church within the first 10 minutes of their visit. And that is generally the result of how warmly welcomed they feel. With that in mind let’s all go out of the way to make everyone feel valued and welcomed at RBC, because… they are. Today from 12:30 to 1:30 in the fellowship hall our Hospitality ministry will gather for a meal and some instruction. We’d love for you to be involved in this powerful “first touch” ministry. Show up for the meeting today or contact David Oswalt on our staff and let him know that you would be glad to serve in some capacity… we need you especially with Easter coming soon.


    Speaking of Easter…Be sure to celebrate the resurrection with us through the Choir and Orchestra Easter music spectacular on Palm Sunday evening; Good Friday Luncheon, and our Contemporary Band Easter celebration on Good Friday evening.


    “Each One Bring One”... high attendance day on Easter Sunday morning in our Sunday School/Bible Study. Let’s do it for God’s Glory.


    And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!


    For God’s Glory Alone,


    Bro. Ray