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Tips to Becoming a Better Reader Pt.1...

03.06.16 | by Ray Jones

    Tips to Becoming a Better Reader Pt. 1…


    I love to read and have been reading since my teenage years. But I have not always been a good reader. I know it sounds silly, but becoming a good reader involves more than reading. I have heard the statement, “I am not a good reader” from scores and scores of people through the years. The fact is, many who say that do not realize that the reason they are not good readers is simply because they don’t read. Because I love books, I’ve been asked on many occasions about my reading habits and how I came to enjoy it so much. The fact is, over the years I have taught myself several principles that have changed the way I read, what I read and my reading comprehension. So, over the next several columns, let me pass them on to you with the assurance that if you practice them consistently, you will become a better reader and look forward to reading like never before.


    TIP# 1: Approach reading Positively… Approach to reading is nine-tenths of the battle. Perhaps because of past experiences like school or work, where you were required or have no choice about what you read, you developed a negative attitude, and consequently view reading more as a task than an opportunity. If that is the case, then your attitude is your biggest enemy to becoming a better reader. So it has to change. That means you must change your approach and start seeing reading as an opportunity to grow, not a task to complete. If you approach reading as a task, that is exactly what it will become. But if you approach it as an opportunity to grow, learn, and stretch, it will change you. In time you will begin to look forward to a good book, or an informative article for the value that it adds to your mind and your life.  More tips next week…


    I look forward… via our Staff Committee’s recommendation, to presenting for your vote of affirmation today, our latest staff addition… Patrick Ham. Patrick is a graduate of The Baptist College of Florida with a degree in Christian Education with Youth Ministry Specialization. His wife Christine and their extended family will also become a part of the RBC family. They will begin their work with our students and us on March 20th. They are coming from north Alabama where they have been serving the Lord for the past five years. If you have not already met and greeted them this weekend, be sure to do so before the morning is done.