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Today is a Day of Consecration…

07.30.17 | by Ray Jones

    Today is a Day of Consecration…

    Ray Ortlund, in a blog a few years back, wrote, “You and I are not integrated, unified, whole persons. Our hearts are multi-divided. It's like we have a board room in every heart. Imagine a big table, leather chairs, coffee, bottled water, and a whiteboard. A committee sits around the table in your heart. There is the social self, the private self, the work self, the sexual self, the recreational self, the religious self, and others. The committee is arguing and debating and voting, constantly agitated and upset. Rarely can they come to a unanimous, wholehearted decision. We tell ourselves we're this way because we're so busy with so many responsibilities. But the truth is that we're just divided, unfocused, hesitant, and unfree. That kind of person can "respond to Jesus" in two ways. One way is to invite him onto the committee. Give him a vote too. But then he becomes just one more complication. The other way to "respond to Jesus" is to say to him, "My life isn't working. Please come in and fire my committee, every last one of them. I hand myself over to you. I am your responsibility now. Please run my whole life for me."

    "Responding to Jesus" is not just adding Jesus. It is also subtracting the idols.”

    That is the idea behind the word consecration that is used almost a 100 times in the scripture. Its meaning is very consistent… “to be set apart” or “to be made holy”. It is used in a variety of ways, from seeking the Lord in solemn assembly to purifying the tabernacle of God, to preparing the people of God, as in Joshua 3:5 “Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”

    As we gather here today, we do so with anticipation of the coming week when we reenter our refurbished worship center. We anticipate that first glimpse, where we will sit and the new ambiance will become our new normal worship environment. All of that is good, and I can’t wait till next Sunday.

    But before that day comes, and beyond our anticipation, I want us to gather today for a time of consecration and soul preparation before we regather in our worship center next week. This project has been more than a “face-lift” for our sanctuary. It has been a response to the clear Word of God from Haggai 2:9 regarding God’s Glory and Peace in this house. And it has come after several years of prayer, spiritual warfare, and the leading of God’s Spirit with and through our Greater Glory Committee. But the dynamic of our new worship center, as breath taking as I think you’ll find it, is not the dynamic that brings God’s Glory. The dynamic that brings God’s Glory is His presence among His people. His Spirit inhabiting His people and thus filling the building. As you know, the Church is not the building, but it is the body of gathered believers. That is why today is important because today we consecrate and prepare ourselves to be clean, Holy and full of His Spirit so that our Day of Celebration next Sunday causes the Glory of the Lord to Rise Among Us.

    So, ask the Lord to reveal to you today, anything that is corrupting your soul, restricting His Lordship and preventing His glory from being manifest in you. Then, deal with it, and let us all enter into His courts with clean hands and pure hearts ready for Him to do through us the things He has planned for us. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new! I love being your Pastor!!!

    For God’s Greater Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray