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Turbulence is not…

10.01.17 | by Ray Jones

    Turbulence is not…

    that big a deal! At least that’s what Patrick Smith, a commercial airline pilot who flies Boeing 757 and 767 said in a recent article in “Business Insider.”  He says, he has noticed that flyers' number one anxiety is turbulence. So much about it seems dangerous. But Smith argues that from the perspective of the pilot, turbulence is often a mere blip. Smith writes: “For all intents and purposes, a plane cannot be flipped upside-down, thrown into a tailspin, or otherwise flung from the sky by even the mightiest gust or air pocket. Conditions might be annoying and uncomfortable, but the plane is not going to crash. Turbulence is an aggravating nuisance for everybody, including the crew, but it's also, for lack of a better term, normal. From a pilot's perspective, it is ordinarily seen as a convenience issue, not a safety issue. When a flight changes altitude in search of smoother conditions, this is by and large in the interest of comfort.

    The pilots aren't worried about the wings falling off; they're trying to keep their customers relaxed and everybody's coffee where it belongs…. In the worst of it, you probably imagine the pilots in a sweaty lather: the captain barking orders, hands tight on the wheel as the ship lists from one side to another. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Actually, Smith concludes, while the passengers are fretting about the turbulence, the pilots are having a casual conversation about their morning orange juice.”


    After all the years of flying, I think I am glad to learn that! But I have to be honest and say, turbulence still bothers me. There is just something about bouncing, shaking and the sensation of falling while you’re 12,000 feet in the air that produces anxiety! But we have to trust the pilot who knows more about it all than we do.

    Come to think of it, Jesus said something similar in John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”  That is another way of saying, “in this world you’ll have turbulence… but rest assured that Jesus, the pilot, has overcome, and the turbulence is no problem for Him. So, when you’re shaken, bounced, distressed and tossed about trust the pilot of your soul until you land safely in heaven.

    Vermont… I and one of our mission teams have been in Vermont this week helping the work of Northeastern Baptist College. It’s one of our mission partnerships and it is doing a great work by training young men and women to serve the Lord and revive the work of God in churches throughout the Northeast. It is a true faith work with many stories and miracles of God’s hand upon it… one of those “hands” is us! Thanks RBC for continuing to look beyond our walls to take the gospel to the world.

    It’s one more reason why I love being your Pastor!!! And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new.

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray