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What Does a Successful Christian Look Like?...

09.18.16 | by Ray Jones

    What Does a Successful Christian Look Like?...

    I got to thinking about that after reading a book that discussed the characteristics of “successful” people and the way they operate in life. It prompted me to contemplate how I would characterize a “successful” follower of Christ. As a result, I give you these 5 characteristics to consider as basic expectations of a fully devoted “successful” follower of Christ.

    Observations of “Successful” Christians:

    1. Their Perspective is shaped by the Word of God… they are students of the scripture not just for the sake of information but also for the purpose of application. Their desire is to allow the revelation of God’s Word to shape their actions and their worldview.
    2. Their Peace is the product of real Trust in God… because they trust that God knows them and what He is doing in their lives, their hearts are guarded by a peace that passes all understanding.
    3. Their Power is found in relying on the Holy Spirit within… they have learned that it is not by might, nor by fleshly power, but by the Spirit of God. They know that fellowship with the Spirit of God provides essential daily power to face whatever comes their way.
    4. Their Prosperity is found in their personal relationship with God… consequently they have learned to make time for God. God is not a part of their life, He is their life, and rather than try to work God into their life and schedule, they allow Him to set their agenda.
    5. Their Purpose is discovered as they walk with God… as a result, they elevate His Purposes and His will above everything else. They understand that they were designed and created for the Glory of God and that only in the pursuit of His purposes do they find fulfillment. Therefore, they willingly and joyfully adjust their lives to accomplish His will and carry out His mission for their life.

    By the way, all of these are more than possible for your spiritual life… how bad do you want them?

    Monday Sunday School… has re-engaged for the new year. Thanks to the many who help make it a successful local ministry and mission of RBC. Hundreds of people are being fed, encouraged and having the Word of God ministered to them each Monday evening.

    I hope you have come today expecting God to move not just in this place, but also in your own life. I can promise you that if you open your heart, soul and mind to Him, He will connect with you and flood your life with the wealth of His presence and peace. And remember, God is always trying to take you someplace new. I love being your Pastor!!!!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

    Bro. Ray