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What’s Going On In America…

08.20.17 | by Ray Jones

    516 Student Ministry

    Senior, Sundaes on Sundays |  with the Faulks is next Sunday, August 27 at 6:00 PM. We will meet at Chase and Leigh’s home for a time of Bible study, fellowship, and ice cream!

     Tonight | C-Nights at 6:00 PM in the Meeting Room.

     VIP Meeting | at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

     Gravity (6th- 8th grade) |  Meets upstairs at  6:00 PM in the RFC Meeting Room for Worship.

     Elevate (9th- 12th grade) |  Meets upstairs at 7:00 PM in the RFC Meeting Room for Worship.

     Attention Middle School Students | Gravity Beach Retreat is September 22nd -24th at Laguna Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, Fl. Cost is $100 for students and $75 for adults that would like to attend.Pick-up a brochure today! Registration Deadline is August 27.

     Truth Seekers Children’s Ministry

    RA/GA Kickoff |  TODAY from 6:00-7:15 PM. This is children’s mission education including campouts, lock-ins, service projects and fun events for grades 1st-5th.  GA Girls meet in room E-207.  RA Boys meet in room D-203.  

     Awesome August Kids Rally | Monday, August 21 at 6:30 PM for Grades 1-5. Special Camp Pastor and worship leader Greg Klapp aka “Rev. Gadget” will be our guest.  This will be our Back-to-School event with pizza and tons of fun!  Parents, please escort kids to the gym. Please RSVP by 12 noon on Monday, August 21.

     Bible Drill |  Begins September 10 from 4:45-6:00 PM in room D-201 for 4th-6th grade.  Parent’s please come with your child on September 11 for a brief Parent Orientation.   Bible Drill Kick-off will be September 17.  Children completing this course and representing RBC at the Association drill will receive a full camp scholarship ($200 - $300 value), a t-shirt and a trophy.  Carmen Pearce is our Bible Drill Director.

     Recreation Ministry

    Gun Safety Class | We will be partnering with Trinity Defense in Dothan to offer a Basic Gun Safety and Defensive Handgun Course to our Ridgecrest Family on Saturday, September 23 from 8:00 AM until 12:00 Noon. The cost will be $60. Registration forms will be made available at the Welcome Center or in the RFC. Learn more about the instructors at

     Pickleball 101! |  We are launching a new sport in the Recreation Ministry called Pickleball. Come join us on the court in the RFC for one of these training sessions to learn what it is, how to play, and experience for yourself just how much fun this paddle game is. The first few training sessions will be held on Friday, September 1 at 2:00 PM and Friday, September 8 at 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM. See you there!

     Church-wide Information

    Coming Soon |  An opportunity for you to pray over our schools in September. Please stay tuned.

     Acts29 College Ministry

    Come Join Us! | We meet on Wednesday nights with food at 7:30 PM and Worship at 8:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

     Music Ministry

    Children’s Music | 3 years old through fifth grade will begin on Wednesday, September 6 at 6:00 PM.


    What’s Going On In America…

     is actually the result of what has GONE on in America! Stay with me and I think you’ll understand what I mean. More and more the question is being asked, “What’s going on in America?” “Why does America seem to be spinning out of control?” The answer is not as simple as blaming it on the extremist groups like the alt-right, neo-Nazis’ or the radical left Antifa. Both groups represent tragic expressions of extremism that is sinful, unbiblical, unacceptable and destructive to culture, morality and national civility. And neither groups or their actions can be rationalized away, or not held accountable.

    The seeds of the current tensions in our nation are not simply the results of the recent Presidential election, as some have tried to suggest… in fact it could be argued that both sides, the radical left and the alt-right have merely seized upon a season of discontent that has been largely hyped, perhaps even created on some level by much of the main stream media, which now appears to have more of a socially progressive cultural agenda it wants to advance, then it does a desire to report news as news, and further promoted in course after course in many of today’s academic institutions. In the public world, it is reflected through “politically correct” speech designed to create fear that we might offend someone with improper titles, gender issues or just about anything anyone declares off-limits. 

    Be that as it may, no one in their right mind, or who understands our nation’s founding principles (a large and steadily declining segment of Americans have no real knowledge of America’s founding principle or documents), or who has even a rudimentary understanding of scripture could ever condone the kinds of violence, destruction and even deaths that are resulting from these groups. Yet, the fact is, what’s going on in America is the natural by-product of a nation in decay and a culture that has lost its moral foundation. 

    What you are watching before your very eyes is more of a modern moral meltdown than a “midcourse” cultural correction. It is the “bill” that has finally come due after almost 4 decades of Americans being taught, and subsequently swallowing, the post-modern ideas that everything is subjective, that there are no absolutes, and that every person’s opinion represents a valid code for living. But, perhaps even more frightening, is the fact that this is tragically the norm, historically and biblically speaking. When a society loses a transcendent source of values that determine what is right and wrong, which for America is the Holy Scripture/Bible, the historical basis and foundation of American rights, freedoms, and law, it is only a matter of time before the chaos, infighting, and national division occur. When that happens, a nation becomes like Israel in the age of the Judges, “…Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” It is a prescription for cultural disaster, national ruin and eventual judgment from God. 

    America has given up its moral foundation and as the scriptures say, “if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3) So do you see, the real answer to the question, “What’s going on in America?” is found in understanding what has gone on in America for the past 40 years. 

    What can you do? Pray urgent prayers for this nation. Pray for spiritual Awakening and church revival. I believe it is our last and only hope for change. As you pray, keep living for God, obeying Him and worshipping every chance you have. And remember, God is always trying to take you someplace new. I love being your pastor!

    For God’s Glory Alone,

     Bro. Ray