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The month of January is a month of transitions...
by Ray Jones on January 06, 2022


The month of January is a month of transitions. And transition is the right term for God’s people. Truly, servants of God do not retire from Kingdom service, but they do enter new works and new seasons of ministry, because our work, our service and our tasks in this world are never finished until we die and enter the heavenly Kingdom where we will resume our service. We sing a song in our contemporary service that says, “If I am not dead, then God’s not done.”

Transitions are natural and seasonal. There are human transitions—a child transitions to adolescence and then adulthood. There are education transitions, there are transitions of grief, transitions of relationships, transitions of location and transitions of jobs, callings, and ministry. These transitions are often opportunities to experience the refreshment of God in our lives. They can also be bitter-sweet as is our case with the transitions of Tim Willis, Debbie Moore, and James Oney.

Each of them is embarking on new paths and new seasons with God. For their ministry here at Ridgecrest we will forever be grateful as we reflect on the years of dedicated service to our Lord. Their contributions to the Kingdom of God through Ridgecrest will only be fully realized when we get to heaven. Lives have been saved, ministries have expanded and sacrificial service for God has been offered. So, it is only fitting that we say thank you.

Saying thank you

Thank you, James Oney, for your kind heart, your desire and help with our small groups and your commitment to growing believers in their relationship with Christ. May the Lord add His blessing and anointing to your new Pastoral work.

Thank you, Debbie Moore, for 25 years of service to our Lord and the ministry of Music here at Ridgecrest. Your focus on details and your desire to do everything with excellence has helped us worship God and experience His presence when we gather each week. May the Lord pour out abundant favor on you in your next season.

Thank you, Tim Willis! 40 years at Ridgecrest has impacted countless lives, young and old, for the Kingdom of God. Heaven will be richer because of your investment in people and heart for God. And for the past 20+ years thanks for being a friend and fellow soldier in the spiritual battle for the souls of people. You will be missed and always loved. And thank you Wanda, for being the servant of God behind her husband and enabling him to do the work of God… your reward will be rich. To both of you, may the Lord refresh you in whatever comes next with service, family and time together. And as the country song says… “I hope you dance!”

a service for honor and celebration

I hope you all will join us today at 5 PM for a special service with special guests as we say thanks and as we celebrate the ministry of Tim and Wanda Willis. You are also invited to join us in the Recreation center following the service for a reception to say thanks and express your love. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new.

I love being your Pastor!

For God’s Glory Alone,

Bro. Ray

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