COVID-19 Updates

Tuesday, September 13, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020

"Hey RBC, As I stated earlier today, I want to give you the latest updates regarding our Sunday gatherings. So here is how we will proceed until further notice... We are suspending small groups, that is, Connection groups & Sunday School meetings beginning this coming Sunday. At present, we will continue both worship services, however in the first service we will suspend our choir and use a modified worship team on the platform. I can also tell you that the completion of the installation  of the ion generators and merv filters I spoke to you about last week will be fully functional in our worship center, foyer and music suite by the end of today.  We believe this is a proactive response to further insure that you can feel comfortable in our worship environment. Stay tuned, and God bless!

-Pastor Ray"

Friday, September 11, 2020

"Hey Ridgecrest Family... By now most of you have heard of my positive test for COVID-19 yesterday. So many of you have sent messages of your prayers for Alison and me. I cannot tell you how much that means to us. So, let me give you a quick update.

After your prayers and beginning Hydroxychloroquine with a steroid yesterday, I feel so good that is is hard to describe! In just a day it has been a remarkable change. In fact I feel like I did in the days before I was diagnosed. PTL! I will of course work from home for the duration of the CDC recommended quarantine just to make sure there is no exposure to others. I feel great! But I have also heard of several others that have tested positive in the past week, along with a number of our members who have gotten tested and proven negative. Never the less, I want you to know that I and the staff are now preparing a revised small group and gatherings protocol for our church for the coming weeks.

I will announce that very soon as we formalize the next steps. Please stay connected to us through these posts. I am writing this for full disclosure and to prevent misinformation from circulating. I and our staff will keep you up to date. Yes, worship is on for this Sunday. James will be preaching and obviously we will continue to require appropriate social distancing. And as always if you feel ill, stay home, watch online, pray and give faithfully.

Again I will post an update as soon as is appropriate. Blessings, I’ll complete my quarantine in time to be back in the pulpit on Sunday September 20th. In the meantime I will work, pray and post from home.

Alison and I love you and I love being your Pastor!

-Pastor Ray"



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Wednesday, March 25th Update

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Saturday, March 20th Update

In preparation of our church family watching the live service for Sunday, here are all the ways you can join us. We have several ways you can join us for this live service. As a reminder, we will be live starting at 9:45 am and our worship service will start at 10:00 am. In addition, in most cases if you are using a phone or tablet, you maybe be able to use Chromecast or Apple Airplay to your TV.

  • Facebook Live - A great way to interact with us via the chat and you can help us by sharing, liking and commenting on the video. If you want, you can start a watch party and invite your friends to go to church with you.
  • RBCDOTHAN.ORG - Our Ridgecrest Website. Look for Media at the top and select “Watch Live.” If you want to go directly to our live page, you can go to Ridgecrest.Live. This page has a chat room, bible app, and sermon notes to follow along. 
  • Ridgecrest Dothan Mobile App - Download the our new mobile app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can watch us live along with several other features. If you have an Apple device, make sure the silent switch on the side of the phone is switch to on to hear. For more info please watch video under the March 19/20 updates.
  • YouTube Live - You can watch YouTube on almost any device you might have including smart TVs.
  • Roku - Many have a Roku device or Roku TV. Just search for Ridgecrest Baptist in the search on Roku. Once you install, scroll down the channel page and look for Ridgecrest Live. 
  • Apple TV - If you have one of the newer Apple TV’s in which you can download apps, you can search for Ridgecrest Baptist in the App Store and install it. Once you install, scroll down the channel page and look for Ridgecrest Live. 
  • Amazon Fire TV - Search for Ridgecrest Baptist App and install. Once you install, scroll down the channel page and look for Ridgecrest Live. 
  • Android TVSearch for Ridgecrest Baptist App and install. Once you install, scroll down the channel page and look for Ridgecrest Live. 
March 19/20th Update

Wednesday, March 18th Update

Tuesday, March 17th Update

  • All who want to receive text alerts with updates please text the word “Family” to 334-384-8080.
  • Please check back here or on social media for additional updates

Effective Wednesday, March 18:

  • RFC will be Closed
  • All Wednesday Night on campus Activities are canceled
  • All Sunday on campus Activities are canceled
  • Sunday Morning Service will be Online Only starting at 9:45 am with online worship starting at 10:00 am. 

Effective Thursday, March 19, 2020:

  • Child Development Center will be closed