Ridgecrest Christian Academy

Opening in the Fall of 2021

Letter from Pastor Ray Jones, Senior Pastor - Ridgecrest Baptist Church

I am Excited for Ridgecrest…and our future. God is working in so many ways. Each week I receive notes, calls and reports of people whose lives are being impacted by the gospel and Jesus Christ through the work that God has entrusted to us here at Ridgecrest.

I am excited to tell you… that our CDC will be adding 1st Grade classes next fall! Hallelujah! I believe it is the next step in investing in children. Currently our CDC is full, and we have people waiting. Matthew 19:13-14 says, “Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people, but Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’”

Six months ago, the Lord began to burden me with this matter of our role in educating “the little ones.” I have been praying since. A couple of months ago I shared with our deacons about the spiritual need in education for our children and received their affirmation to go forward. Subsequently, I appointed a task force to begin studying and putting together a plan for how Ridgecrest could expand our ministries to include, eventually, an elementary Academy of grades 1-5, starting at the first grade and adding an additional grade each year until we arrive at the 5th grade… The task force is made up of some real pros in education. They are Faye Eldridge (Task Force Chairman), Ryan Spry, Chantel Oney, Matthew Johnson, Melanie Miles, and Melanie Wynkoop. They are hard at work already. Please pray for them as they are studying all the details and logistics of the endeavor… curriculum that teaches the Judeo-Christian roots of history, science that teaches creationism, courses in Civics and Government, and Bible courses, etc. They are studying structure, weekly Chapel services, enhancement classes in art and music, as well as things like Codes of Conduct for students, parent manuals, appropriate dress, tuition, costs, classroom environments and teaching ratios. Fortunately, we already have many advantages for the future growth of such an Academy, such as plenty of high-quality classrooms.  

Of course, we will continue to affirm and serve as the base for our Ridgecrest Christian Home School Association and of course we will continue to affirm and pray for those who serve in our public educational roles. There are several compelling reasons for us to begin this process. I shared them with our deacons and our task force. Let me give them to you briefly without details.

  1. Since the beginning of our nation the Christian Church has historically been instrumental in the field of education.
  2. The current course of national education is becoming increasingly resistant and restrictive to any Christian belief, practice or expressions of Christianity, while including instruction and affirmation of lifestyles that are clearly non-biblical and excluding American Christian history and absolute moral standards.
  3. The Church has the responsibility to preserve and protect the integrity of God’s truth in the hearts and minds of the little ones.
  4. Through Christian education the Church has the opportunity to invest God’s truth in the generations to come, and thus make a difference for God. 

For these reasons and others, the time is right. I trust that you are as excited as I am and will join in praying for God’s hand to be upon this vital ministry. And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

For God’s Glory Alone,

Bro. Ray

Registration for Ridgecrest Christian Academy

We are currently accepting applications for students entering into the First Grade in the fall of 2021. You can download the registration form with the link below or come by the CDC Offices and request one. Please drop off your application to the CDC Office once completed. Space will be limited. 

Registration Form


We are currently looking for teachers to pioneer this new school. If you have experience in teaching first grade and feel the Lord leading you to something new, please send your resume to our CDC Director, Melanie Wynkoop - .

2021-22 School Calendar

Special Dates:

  • August 16 - First Day of School
  • October 18-22 - Fall Break
  • November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 20 - January 3 - Christmas Break
  • March 21-25 - Spring Break
  • May 27 - Last Day of School

Click to download full calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new school start?

August 16, 2021 is the first day of school. See link to school calendar in above section.

What grades will the new school have? 

We will start with the first grade and add one grade a year until we reach the 5th grade. 

What will the mascot be?

We will be known as The Ridgecrest Lions.

What will be the school colors?

The school colors will be Blue and Gold. 

What does tuition cost? 

The cost for one year is $5,000 which includes book fees.  The registration fee is $175.

Are there any tuition discounts?

  • Tuition paid in full for the year – 5%
  • Multiple child – 10% for the extra children, does not include first child.
  • Military/First Responders – 10% for all active/retired military, law enforcement, fire, and EMS.
  • Ridgecrest Members – 10% for members in good standing.
  • Full time Ministers – 25% for those in full time ministry.

Will there be uniforms?

We will have a dress code that will consist of a solid collared top, Khaki or navy bottoms; shorts and pants for the boys and pants, skorts, jumpers or polo dresses for the girls. 

What curriculum will be used?

The RCA Task Force has prayerfully selected BJU Press for our school curriculum. https://www.bjupress.com/about/

Founded in 1974, BJU Press has become the leading publisher of Christian textbooks and educational resources written from a thoroughly Biblical worldview and a research-based pedagogical perspective. 

What Makes BJU Press Unique? BJU Press uniquely combines the following elements: 

1. Biblical Worldview. This isn't just a buzz word or several tacked-on Bible verses. At BJU Press, it is the starting point for the entire writing team and Biblical Integration department. Each new textbook revision reflects careful evaluation and improvement toward this goal, helping students to view that subject area from a Biblical perspective. BJU Press believes that your textbook provider should help you achieve your spiritual formation goals for your students, not provide worldview challenges to overcome.

2. Critical Thinking Development. An educational process that simply trains students to parrot back answers for testing purposes (the very lowest levels of Bloom's taxonomy) doesn't serve them well. Instead, they can be drawn to their full potential by careful questioning, leading them toward a deep interaction with the content. BJU Press assists teachers to achieve this educational goal and provides students with higher-level application questions in their student texts. Because BJU Press believes “the teacher is the key”, instructional materials are written to support teachers as they customize their curriculum to meet the needs of their students and develop their thinking skills.

3. Academic Rigor. A Christian school shouldn't feel that they are settling for second-best when they choose a Christian textbook, written from a Biblical world and life view. BJU Press textbooks a proven choice with high achieving Christian schools. Textbooks are built upon ongoing research and are crafted for engagement, supporting schools which strive for academic excellence.

4. Technology Solutions. While sound educational strategies don’t change, the tools that teachers employ do. BJU Press is committed to provided technology tools that support classroom instruction and student achievement. These include presentation and instructional tools for teachers, found at www.teachertoolsonline.com. They also include eTextbooks for students, and the powerful (and free) www.AfterSchoolHelp.com site.

Will there before and after school care?

Yes this will be managed by the Ridgecrest CDC. More info to come. 

More Questions?

If you have questions about the new school, please feel free to contact:

  • CDC Director - Melanie Wynkoop, 334-792-8441 or email at -
  • Church Administrator - Matthew Johnson, 334-792-9406 or email at -