VBS 2024

JUNE 3-7  | 8:30 - 12:00

Wave Hello to VBS 2024!

Kids will be challenged as they discover that God’s truth never changes, everyone needs Jesus, and learn to speak the truth in love.

Adventure awaits each day as kids explore tide pools, spot orcas, fly kites, and watch the mighty waves crash up against the immovable Breaker Rock!

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Take A Sneak Peak @ The Week

Day 1: Truth Comes From God

Some people say...
"Truth can be different for people."

But God says...
"Truth comes from Me."

Genesis 2-3; Psalm 119:160

Day 2: God's Plan Is Best

Some people say...
"Do what makes you happy."

But God says...
"My plan for you is better."

Daniel 1: Proverbs 3:5-6

Day 3: Everyone Needs Jesus

Some people say...
"Being a good person gets you into heaven."

But God says...
"Everyone sins and needs a Savior."

Mark 10:17-27; Romans 3:23-24

Day 4: Jesus Is The Only Way

Some people say...
"There are many ways to get to heaven."

But God says...
"Jesus is the only way to get to heaven."

John 14:1-6, 18-20, Acts 1:9-12; Acts 4:12

Day 5: Speak The Truth In Love

Some people say...
"If you don't agree with me, you don't love me."

But God says...
"Speak the truth in love."

Acts 9:1-6. Ephesians 3:14-4:16

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