The Compromising Church

In Luke 18:7 Jesus asks “…when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on earth?”

It is a provocative question that should not be taken lightly. Many in past generations would never have imagined that such a thing could ever become reality in America. But with the advancing secularism of the age along with the acceptance of progressive ideology and the encroaching left leaning unbiblical theology now infiltrating many denominations and religious academic institutions, Jesus’ statement is more relevant than ever. Albert Mohler has written, “Liberal Protestantism and secularization have merged, creating a new and dangerous context for biblically committed Christians. This new context will reveal the true followers of Christ—and they may well be revealed by the fact that they are the last in our culture to remember what authentic Christianity is… Secularism has desensitized many people sitting in the pews of faithful, gospel-preaching churches, leading them to unwittingly hold even heretical doctrines… The great threat we face is not to the church’s existence, but to its faithfulness.”

So, what should you expect to see in the future regarding the “Church” in America and the world? There are many, but for space’s sake let me give you three things you need to pay attention to.

Expect a distinct division between churches, denominations, and religious institutions based on biblically orthodox teaching, cultural accommodation, and agreement.

In other words, anticipate a growing demand along with increased pressure for the “church” to be more accepting of secular values even when those values specifically contradict scripture. Churches and denominations that refuse to compromise on these matters will be labeled as intolerant, bigoted, unloving, uncaring, and considered hate groups. These things are already happening in some measure.

Expect the coming of severe restrictions to free speech on the true Church and Christians.

Because the uncompromising Church will refuse to ignore or bend scripture, it will stand in distinct contrast to the “spirit” of the age. As a result, it will be deemed as a problem with societal advancement, a detriment to progress, a barrier to social justice, and an enemy of the state that must be dealt with. It most likely will begin with the removal of a church's tax exempt status. If that doesn’t work, the next move will be an attempt to actually violate the Constitutional rights of freedom of speech by restricting or silencing the expression of biblical convictions from the pulpits--declaring it as discriminatory or “hate” speech. If that doesn’t silence the pulpits, the next move will be to use, inappropriately so, federal hate crime laws to imprison those deemed in violation. Christians in the workplace, civic environments, and public facilities will be at risk for the same. Does this sound extreme? The fact is these things are already happening in places like Canada and Europe. In America, the signs of what is coming are showing up in education, corporations, community events, during the Christmas and Easter season, and even via pandemics!

For example (and there are many), early in the COVID pandemic, the governor of Nevada signed a law allowing casinos, movie theaters, bars, and many other businesses to open at 50% capacity while limiting the churches to fifty people no matter what their size. Or consider the number of states and cities that have defunded or prohibited Christian-based adoption and foster care agencies because they refuse to place children with same-sex couples due to their belief in the very clear teaching of the scripture on marriage. By the way, expect left leaning, scripturally compromised churches to gladly comply with cultural mandates and be exempt from any such restrictions… Similar to much of the church in Germany that compromised under Hitler.

Expect the Biblical Church to grow smaller but stronger.

What is coming will be a kind of sifting between those who claim to know Christ and those who really do. Because of the difficulty of living for Christ, the ranks of the Church will become smaller initially. But after the sifting and subsequent strengthening of the genuine believers, the Church may actually see many people coming to Christ as they come face to face with the emptiness of the age and its inability to provide security and ultimate answer to life without God. Are you the real deal? Will you remain through the sifting? If not, trust Christ today!

In the meantime, remember that God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!

For God’s Glory Alone,
Pastor Ray
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Cliff Holmes - May 6th, 2023 at 3:55pm

I really believe that what you have written in this article is already completely true and is coming fast. I believe we need to PRAY for a real Revival and get all of us involved. I will do my part! AMEN.