The Ivy League, The Ivory Tower, & God Still Moves

Elite universities, mostly known as Ivy league schools, have for years maintained the facade of tolerance. And in more recent years these “elite” schools have promoted themselves as models of DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion—a woke and cloaked pretense for liberalism and the propagation of leftist ideas and morality). Well, the reality has now manifested that they are anything but models of diversity and equality. If it wasn’t clear before, this past week made it crystal clear. Perhaps nothing illustrates the surrender of academics and truth better than the allowed hijacking of Columbia University by antisemitic student protests. Rather than immediately taking action to shut down the antisemitic student uprising and clean up the “tent cities” on campus, the university President offered to negotiate with the protesters on their terms and further declared that for the rest of this academic session classes will be online rather than on campus to protect students (Jewish) from harm. Similar protests have and are occurring on most of the other elite and Ivy league universities.  
In one interview of two Columbia students asked about the atrocities of the horrific rapes, brutal beheadings, and the burning of babies alive, (all documented by numerous eyewitnesses and confirmed in of all places an investigative article in the New York Times) committed and initiated by Hamas, these two students looked at each other and said, “that’s been denied, hasn’t it?” “Yes, replied the other.” Implying that denial makes it true. Further protestors at these Ivy League and other “elite” universities have engaged in chants that “Jews must die” and “Israel must be destroyed.” Let’s see, where have we heard that before? Oh yeah… from Hitler and his demonic Nazi regime. But then these “elite” students, attending “elite” universities, on “elite” scholarships or on mommy and daddy’s “elite” money, deny that the Holocaust happened, if they even know enough real history to know when it occurred. They are a part of the generation that can’t remember the 9/11 Palestinian terrorist attacks on America because they were not even born. And yet they have listened to the “Ivory Tower” academicians and politicians like their left leaning marxists professors along with the likes of AOC and the “Squad” who sit above reality themselves basking in the perks of their political positions and the repetitive ideas of their narrow circle of colleagues, arrogantly assuming that their “elite” positions make them smarter than the millions of Americans who know more about history and more about the constitution and vehemently disagree.  
And yet against that news, there is the news that you don’t hear much about. God is still moving at many universities and colleges… Like Alabama and Auburn. Since last year there have been two incredible moves of God at both campuses with hundreds of students coming to know Christ and being baptized. Last September thousands showed up at Auburn’s Neville Arena for “Unite Auburn” where hundreds made decisions to follow Christ. And more recently on one evening at the end of March thousands of students gathered for a night of worship at the University of Alabama with hundreds accepting Christ and being immediately baptized in a campus fountain. Similar outpourings of revival have been reported at Florida State, Ohio State, Western Kentucky, Lee University, and Samford University to name a few. This is good news against the lunacy of the “elite” campuses and Ivory tower politicians indoctrinating and promoting antisemitism because many of the greatest national revivals and moves of God have started with students. Let’s pray that more and more students are moved to praise God than those who are moved to promote hatred of the Jews. Without a doubt we need a move of God. The good news is He’s still working, and He is still the answer to all the questions!  
God speed to Sarah Joy Price… who has served as our Children’s Ministry Assistant for the past four years. She has done a superb job for us with the little ones and will be missed. She has recently accepted a new position of Director of Children’s Ministries at the First Baptist Church of Starkville, Mississippi. Her last Sunday with us will be May 5th. This coming Tuesday we will have a drop by reception in our Welcome Center beginning at 5:00 PM. Stop by with your encouragements and appreciation.

And remember, God is always trying to take us someplace new. I love being your Pastor!
For God’s Glory Alone,  
Pastor Ray
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